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Via-Asia Ltd

Via-Asia is a Finnish company which concentrates on helping European/Chinese corporations and products in establishing a foothold inside the each other’s market, through introducing advanced technology and new products. Meanwhile, Via-Asia has exclusive rights to represent and import/export many European and Chinese products, explore the market, coordinate government policy resources as well as commercial resources. Via-Asia also focuses to help European and Chinese corporations and products to locate cost saving, appropriate or high-end manufacturers and resources as per requirement.

Via-Asia是一个芬兰公司,目前致力于建立中国-欧洲贸易沟通桥梁,通过引进先进的科技以及新产品, 协助欧洲/中国企业及产品开拓彼此市场及拓展市场份额。
同时, Via-Asia拥有多家欧洲及中国产品的进出口独家代理权, 协调市场政策资源、商业资源的独家权利。Via-Asia同时也会根据欧洲/中国企业及产品的需求来寻找更节约成本, 更加合适或者更高端的生产商及资源.


Via-Asia Ltd helps European/Chinese corporations to find producers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers and investors with comprehensive contacts to fulfill their requirements by opening channels such as manufacturing, sales, exhibition and promotion. With exclusive rights, Via-Asia Ltd can import carefully selected products for European and Chinese customers and corporations. Feel free to contact us and we will deliver the most adequate solution matching your requirements.

Via-Asia Ltd 还将通过其广泛的资源来协助欧洲/中国企业寻找可以满足其特殊需求的生产商、制造商、分销商、 代理商 投资商,来打开生产, 销售, 会展以及推广的渠道。与此同时,为欧洲及中国的消费者及企业精心挑选的优质进口产品。

Ilmo Valtonen

Via-Asia Ltd founder Ilmo Valtonen is one of the leading Brand Designer in Europe with over 23 years of working experience with leading Brand Design companies and organizations, as well as over 7 years of experience of China and excellent contacts with Chinese partners and Investors.

Via-Asia Ltd 创始人Ilmo Valtonen是欧洲主导品牌设计师之一,他在主导公司和机构的品牌设计方面有着23年的丰富经验,超过7年的中国经营经验,与中方合作伙伴及投资商保持着紧密联系。